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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Extended Rentals work?

We apply an Extended Rental discount for each week as follows:

First week
Full price
Second week
50% discount
Third week
50% discount
Fourth week
Free of charge

After week four, the cycle repeats.

How does renting frames work?

We want to make life easy for you so we make the process super simple!

  1. Fill out a company/ production form and send it to us here.
  2. Tell us what kind of frames you're looking for, how many, how long, etc.
  3. We'll select some options or you can shop our online inventory and select the ones you want yourself!
  4. You can pick them up or we can ship before 4pm PST with your FedEx/UPS number.

We try our absolute best to get these glasses to you whenever, wherever!

How do I set up an account?

Fill out a company/production form and send it to us here.

Do you sell or do you just rent out?

We have a large inventory of new product that we sell and rent. We do not sell rental inventory that is camera-ready.

Do you carry doubles?

We try our best to carry doubles for both rentals and new products. New inventory can be doubled or tripled. Most of our rentals can be doubled but certain frames can be difficult.

Our inventory is actually searchable and filterable for doubles!

Any more questions?

Just give us a call at (818) 982-3343 or contact us.